Villa Esperanza Services

In 2012 the Ayrshire Foundation awarded Villa Esperanza Services a $40,000 grant to fund the start-up and implementation of an adaptive physical education program for children with developmental disabilities and autism disorders at the Villa school. In 2013, Villa was awarded an additional grant in the amount of $1 million, payable over five years, for the first phase of their capital campaign to renovate their school and campus. In 2019, Ayrshire awarded Villa an additional grant in the amount of $1 million, for the second phase of their capital campaign to build three new classrooms and update therapy and recreational spaces.

“What might Villa’s children say? ‘Hello. I am Alice, I am Renard, and I am Ishmal, and I am each of you. Can you hear me? I have worth, and I can do many things. I am a part of our community. I deserve the same opportunity and facilities that you have in your home community. Sometimes I just need a little help from my friends. Thank you for being my friend!’ The Ayrshire Foundation is proud to be a part of this important project.”

-Dick Hirrel
Villa Esperanza Campaign Co-Chair

“This project validates the worth of my child. This project says that my child and thousands like him are worth the investment.”

-Peter Vaughn,
Villa Board Member and Parent

We are extremely grateful to the Ayrshire Foundation for their generous support throughout the years. The foundation recognizes the value of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. They truly understand the importance of quality programs and services that focus on strengthening ones abilities and increasing independence. Ayrshire’s support helps change lives – from teaching a child with autism how to say “hello;” to giving an adult with Down syndrome the skills to earn a paycheck and the pride of having a job; to providing an intellectually disabled senior the opportunity to give back to the community through volunteering and helping others.

Their support has also enabled Villa to take the first steps towards making our physical campus match the extraordinary programs that have made us pioneers in our field for 55 years. With their generous lead gift for the Villa Esperanza “hope moves forward” capital campaign they provided the foundation on which our campaign has flourished. Their support has motivated and inspired others to follow, positioning Villa for remarkable success.

-Kelly White, CEO, Villa Esperanza Services