The Ayrshire Foundation’s investment in 89.3 KPCC – LAist has been vital to the continued operations of the station. Before receiving the grants, LAist audio consoles were nearing the end of their life-span and in danger of failing at any moment. By funding new digital equipment for five broadcast studios, the Ayrshire Foundation insured that LAist can continue to deliver high-quality local and NPR programs to over 600,000 weekly listeners — providing important news and information that Southern Californians need to formulate their own conclusions and participate in civic life. The Ayrshire Foundation also funded KPCC’s first-ever 4-wheel drive truck for traveling to-and-from the mountains to maintain the radio transmitters scattered across the region.

“We are extremely grateful to the Ayrshire Foundation for their recent grants. It’s made a huge difference on my show, AirTalk, improving the audio quality, and allowing us to be more nimble and efficient in our broadcast. The truck allows our staff to travel to the transmitter to make much needed maintenance and repairs, so we are never in danger of being knocked off the air. It’s a huge public service and I can’t thank the Ayrshire Foundation enough!”
-Larry Mantle – host of AirTalk, 89.3 LAist