The Ayrshire Foundation meets two times per year to review grant applications, and completed grant proposals are appreciated by March 15 for our April meeting, and September 15 for our October meeting.

How we decide

We are not inclined to make ongoing, operational-type grants.

We are enthusiastic about projects that relate to more than one grant category; grants that can be leveraged to attract other funding; and projects that are replicable.

We will consider multi-year or matching grants.

We currently are not set up to give to individuals, but individuals can benefit from donee organizations that we support.

Because of the size of our foundation, we see ourselves often as effective seeders, and the scale of the request as well as that of the project should be considered when seeking funding.

Due to charitable laws, we cannot give to political causes or direct lobbying efforts, but our activism may express itself by the organizations and type of projects we fund.

All organizations must be 501(c)3 nonprofit in order to be considered.