In 1998, James N. Gamble founded the Ayrshire Foundation with his two daughters and their husbands in order to broaden the scope of their established family giving.

Since its inception, the foundation has distributed approximately one million dollars per year in gifts ranging in size from several thousand to one million dollars.

Originally broad in its mission, the foundation has gradually focused its funding in five areas: opportunities for youth; science and the environment; healthcare; services for the elderly and disabled; and community culture.

In July 2015 the foundation separated into two new foundations. The directors, Tracy and Richard Hirrel, residing in southern California, have retained the Ayrshire Foundation name, and continue to be interested in capital funding in a broad number of areas.

The northern California group, led by Terry and Peter Boyer, have named their new venture the Caldera Foundation and continue to be interested in environmental affairs. They can be contacted at www.calderafoundation.org.