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  • Legal name of organization applying

    Harbor Interfaith Services, Inc.

  • Year Founded


  • Current annual operating budget


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  • List any previous support from the Ayrshire Foundation in the last 5 years

    We have not received support from the Foundation, although we receive support from other Pasadena-area foundations and invdividuals.

Contact Information Edit

  • Executive Director

    Tahia Hayslet
    (310) 831-0603

  • Contact Person

    Mike Radice
    Director of Development
    (310) 831-0603

  • 670 W. 9th St.
    San Pedro, California 90731




Project Details Edit

  • Project Name: The Children's Center

  • Category:

  • Purpose of Grant: The funds would be used to help pay for the expansion of our infant/toddler daycare program within our licensed childcare center.

  • Amount Requested


  • Total Project Cost


  • Geographic Area Served

    South Bay of Los Angeles County, Service Planning Area 8

  • Referred by

    Mike Radice met Molly at an AFP meeting yesterday.