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    The Salvation Army

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  • List any previous support from the Ayrshire Foundation in the last 5 years

    Not application. We are reaching out regarding a new Hope Center in Pasadena, to help alleviate homelessness.

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  • Executive Director

    Lt. Colonel John Chamness
    (562) 264-3838

  • Contact Person

    Robin E Dunn, CFRE
    Divisional Director of Campaigns
    (909) 647-8812

  • 180 E. Ocean Blvd., Suite 500
    Long Beach, California 90802

    Fax: (562) 264-3729



Project Details Edit

  • Project Name: Pasadena Hope Center Campaign

  • Category:

  • Purpose of Grant: To meet community needs, The Salvation Army is restructuring and rebuilding its social services, including more efficient and effective space for family assistance, meals engagement, and homeless prevention and integration programs; further, the new building will include 3 stories of permanent supportive housing for 64 homeless adults.

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  • Geographic Area Served

    Greater Pasadena

  • Referred by

    Chris Looney, CCS