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    Tiger Robotics IHS

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    Tiger Robotics IHS

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    We are unsure if we are a 501(c)3 nonprofit. We are a club at a Imperial High School in Imperial California. We have tried to save money for the past three academic years for the registration fees and travel expenses to compete in FIRST international robotics. With so many local clubs and sports and the high unemployment rate in our county, we have encountered a hard time with fundraising. We have managed to fund raised close to $2,000 but the cost is $10,000 which includes $6,000 for registration and $4,000 for the travel expenses of taking the minimum of 10 kids. We currently have 30 students in the club who continue to try to fund raise. We would really appreciate any help that we could get to ensure we meet our goal. Thank you!

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    Alejandra Lopez C
    (760) 355-3220

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    Alejandra Lopez
    (760) 355-3220

  • 517 W. Barioni Blvd
    Imperial, California 92251




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  • Project Name: FIRST Robotics Imperial High

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  • Purpose of Grant: If we can meet the 10k target goal we would like to start a F.I.R.S.T. robotics team at Imperial High School we would like to participate for the first time. We would be a rookie team that would be mentored by a local team that is a veteran. The purpose of the grant is to pay the $6000 registration fees (materials) and the $4000 with estimated expenses. Our regional competition would be at Orange County so we would need to pay for transportation, food, and hotels for the minimum of 10 students attending plus chaperone. Our goal is to inspire as many youth into the STEM fields by exposing them to a hands on project that takes 8 weeks to build. In this project students develop many skills such as communication, project management, coding, and critical thinking.

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    Imperial Valley County

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